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Privacy Policy with Carnegie

Our services are built on foundation of privacy and confidentiality to provide free and seamless communication.

Our privacy policy is here to explain what information we collect and how we deal with it, so you can feel comfortable and free to communicate.

Information collected within our application is used to support application features (like calls and messaging), and to provide better user experience. Information is used exclusively in the application, and not provided to any third parties.


Your mobile phone number is provided to create and validate your account. All other information (if provided), like image and name, will be shared to other application users. Application does not access other accounts except when specifically asked and approved by user.


Your phone book contacts are shared with us including contacts not using our application. Contacts are regularly updated, from the phone book, and checked if there are new application users for faster communication. Phone contacts can be created, edited, deleted and changed in any way in the application from user’s side.

Phone State and Records

Application will record and collect diagnostics (call and messaging), service and performance information that are furtherly used only to improve our services. Phone state information is essential for application to work. It might include hardware status and model, operating system version, Internet access info, phone number and device identifiers. We are using device's location to provide better user experience in chatting and in data exchange within our app.


For the application to make voice calls, through cellular network or over VoIP (Internet) it will access your phones call log. Also, log will be accessed to save information about application calls, and information about other calls from the phone.


Application is using your phone hardware audio features (microphone, speaker) to make voice calls through cellular network or over VoIP (Internet).


All messages exchanged through our application are stored only on your phone. After delivery, messages are deleted from our servers, if for any reason message is not delivered, it will be deleted from our servers. This includes all the other type of content shared through messages like location or media from your gallery.


Application can take photos and record videos and it will access the camera for this purpose only. Photos and videos are used in chatting and in data exchange within application.